College Essay Topics – Get Creative!

Writing a quality college essay is a crucial part of getting into the school of your dreams. The best college essay topics are engaging and let the reader know about you in a positive and interesting light. Do not throw your college essay together; make sure you spend time on it. Remember that admissions officers read thousands of these, and it is important that yours is polished and stands out from the crowd. Here are some of the best college essay topics that will surely get you a spot in your top school.

Some of the greatest topics involve a significant personal experience. Tell the admissions department how you got over a tough time in your life, or how you tried and something, failed, but picked yourself up again. Tell the team about your life philosophy or some major life contributions you have made. You can focus on your educational prowess by describing the perfect student, or a piece of literature that has held special meaning in your life.

If you are a well-rounded individual, make that known in your college essay. Write a piece on your extracurricular activities or volunteer experience. Talk about your other interests or personal growth experiences. Tell the college why they need to choose you and make it clear. Explain to them why the next several years of your life should be spent at their school. Show them why choosing you will actually be in their best interests.

College essay topics can be diverse and creative. You can describe yourself hiking on a road to understanding, with stops along the way at different lessons of your life. College essay topics can be basic and traditional, with you describing where you would like to be ten years from now in the career of your choice.

It can be intimidating to come up with the best college essay topics. Use the suggestions we have put forth to give yourself a great start. Do not worry, once you find a great topic, the words will start flowing. Do not be afraid to try a couple of different topics and ask your friends and family which essays show the real you. Getting into college is a huge accomplishment, and you will have a much better chance with a great college essay.